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Report junk vehicles

Junk vehicles damage the environment and often attract illegal dumping. Find information below on how to report an abandoned or junk vehicle. We also provide a no-cost service to help you obtain documents that will allow you to remove the junk vehicle from your property.

Junk vehicles in Seattle

Junk vehicles in Seattle

Our program does NOT handle junk or abandoned vehicles located within Seattle city limits.

For junk vehicles on your private property, please contact the Seattle Junk Vehicle program at 206-684-8940 or by email at For junk/abandoned vehicles located on public property (alongside the road or road right of way) contact the Seattle Abandoned Vehicle program at 206-684-8763 or online.

Junk vehicle definition

The vehicle must meet at least 3 of these criteria to qualify:

  • Vehicle is three or more years old
  • Vehicle has extensive damage
  • Vehicle is inoperable
  • Vehicle’s market value is equal to the approximate value of the scrap metal

Our no-cost junk vehicle affidavit service

We can help you complete the steps to have the vehicle legally removed. The vehicle must fit our “junk vehicle” definition, be located on your property, and be within King County’s service area. Our service area does not include the Cities of Seattle and Milton.

We use the following process:

  • You submit a request using the online form.
  • Our staff will reach out to schedule an inspection of the vehicle and prepare documentation.
  • If your vehicle qualifies, we’ll issue a Junk Vehicle Affidavit. This document allows you to dispose of the vehicle legally.
  • You contact a tow company or local scrap yard in your area to have the vehicle removed. Any cost associated with the towing or disposal is your responsibility.

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