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Eastside Interceptor Lining Project

Located in the Lake Hills Greenbelt Park in Bellevue

Completed December 2018

Project description

King County has completed rehabilitating a 2,400 foot-long section of the twin Eastgate Interceptor lines. This project will extent the useful life of this pipeline another 50 years. This project was located in the Lake Hills Greenbelt Park Bellevue (see map below), and included: Construction of access roads within the park to reach the project work areas Dewatering operations where sewage flows were directed around the work area so the pipe could be dried and then cleaned for the lining operations Repair of corroded sections of the pipeline using a trenchless, below-ground construction lining method called ‘cured in place pipe’ (CIPP).


Work on this project began in April 2018 and the project was substantially completed in December 2018. There was extensive natural restoration done for this project. Restoration will be monitored until at least 2023.

Project area

Download map and map with aerial background.