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Interbay pump station

Completed – Winter 2015

The Interbay Pump Station, built in 1967, is located near the intersection of West Garfield Street and 15th Ave W in Seattle. The pump station conveys wastewater flows from the Elliott Bay Interceptor system serving Seattle to the County’s regional West Point Treatment Plant in Magnolia.

Need for the project

The purpose of this project was to replace 1960s era mechanical and electrical equipment, upgrade the HVAC systems, provide standby power generation capacity to power the pumps, provide odor control, and increase overall pump station capacity from 122 million gallons per day (mgd) to 133 mgd. The pump station remained in operation throughout construction.

Construction schedule

  • January 2011-February 2015

Project facts

  • The Interbay Pump Station is located near the intersection of W Garfield St and 15th Ave W. Photo taken September 2012
  • The new generator building was completed in summer 2012. The standby generator provides emergency backup power when there is an interruption in utility power feed.
  • The first pump was replaced in 2012. The other two pumps were replaced in 2013 and 2014