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Kent-Auburn conveyance system improvements (Phase B)

King County installed new sewer lines and replaced aging pipes in Pacific, Algona, and Auburn. Work also included modifications at the Pacific Pump Station.

Completed – Summer 2019

Phase A of the Kent-Auburn Conveyance System Improvements Project was completed Fall 2014.

Project description

Since 2008, King County Wastewater Treatment Division has been working to improve the wastewater system in southeast King County. In 2014, the County completed two new pipelines in Kent and Auburn (See Phase A info here).

The second phase of the project involved building 14,000 feet of new sewer line in Pacific, Algona, and Auburn, and making upgrades to the Pacific Pump Station.

Project schedule

  • Spring 2017: construction begins
  • Fall 2018: pipe installation complete
  • Summer 2019: Pacific Pump Station work complete
  • Summer 2019: all restoration work complete