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Kirkland Pump Station and sewer upgrade

This project increased station pumping capacity, replaced aging equipment, and installed a larger diameter sewer force main to accommodate increased flows.

Completed – Spring 2014

Upgrades to the King County Kirkland Pump Station were completed ahead of schedule in Spring 2014. The pump station is located at the corner of Third St and Park Lane in downtown Kirkland.


As part of the King County Kirkland Pump Station and Sewer upgrade project, King County:

  • Increased pumping capacity from 6 million gallons per day (mgd) to a peak capacity of 9.4 mgd to accommodate future growth
  • Replaced aging equipment to comply with seismic codes, operate quietly and efficiently, and employ state-of-the-art odor control
  • Upgraded equipment including new pumps, modernized control instrumentation and electrical equipment, and a new standby generator
  • Installed a new sewer force main to accommodate increased flows, connecting the pump station to the major pipeline on Railroad Ave.

The pump station receives flows from downtown Kirkland and pumps it east to the main conveyance pipe which takes the wastewater to King County's South Treatment Plant in Renton.