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High school programs

The Wastewater Treatment Division offers water education programs for high school students at our Woodinville and Renton facilities and in the classroom. Program descriptions are available below.

Registration is open for Fall 2024 programs at South Plant (Renton)

Register for a field trip here. 

Note: Registration for Fall 2024 programs at the Brightwater facility in Woodinville will open in late August, and those programs can accommodate 8-25 people at a time.

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We also offer:

Videotaped versions of all lessons, curriculum, video tours of our treatment plants and more. Check out our educational resources here

Water systems and you: 2-hour on-site field trip

Wastewater treatment plant tour

What happens to the water that goes down drains and toilets? Starting with a map of our region, students will learn about local urban water systems that support nearly 2 million people. Although these systems are not perfect, human behaviors play a critical role in their sustainability and preventing pollution in the Salish Sea. Students will go on an interactive, “behind the scenes” walking tour of a wastewater treatment plant and gain an understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in cleaning water, including the role they can play in protecting water quality.

Sustainable Water and Food Systems: 4-hour on-site field trip (only at South Plant in Renton)

Wastewater treatment plant tour, CitySoil Farm tour, and service project

Students will complete the “Water Systems and You” program outlined above, then spend the afternoon in our sustainable agriculture demonstration farm. CitySoil Farm uses recycled resources (biosolids and recycled water) from the wastewater treatment process to grow over 4,000 pounds of produce every year for community food banks! Students will take a tour of the farm and learn about water conservation, climate change, and sustainable agriculture. Then, we’ll directly apply their new knowledge with a short, hands-on farm service-learning project.

Careers in Clean Water: 50 minute in-classroom lesson

Keeping waterways healthy within an urban environment is critical work, yet extremely challenging. From engineers to educators to electricians, it takes many types of jobs and skills to make it happen. This lesson will highlight the wide variety of careers available within wastewater treatment, including ones that are less obvious. The goal is to open more career possibilities and help students understand there’s a place for them in government and environmental work.