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Capacity charge

Information on the sewer capacity charge, how to pay your capacity charge bill, and who to contact if you have questions. 

Since 1990, King County has levied a capacity charge on structures with new connections to the sanitary sewer system. This charge is paid in addition to the monthly sewer bill assessed by local sewer districts.


Pay your capacity charge online here.

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Growth paying for growth

The capacity charge helps pay for the system of pipes, treatment plants, and other wastewater facilities that serve our growing regional customer base.

About the capacity charge

Learn more about why King County has a capacity charge, how the capacity charge is structured, and who pays the capacity charge.

How to pay your bill

Instructions on how to pay your capacity charge online or by mail.

Need help paying your bill?

Information about flexible payment plans, payment deferrals for low-income seniors and disabled individuals, and discounts for eligible low-income housing residents.

Affordable housing discounts for new development

New low-income housing in multi-family structures, single detached dwelling units, owner-occupied dwelling units, and shelter housing may qualify to receive a discounted capacity charge.

Rate structure reviews

King County periodically reviews its capacity charge rate structure to make sure the capacity charge program accurately reflects current demographics and housing trends.

Rate and affordability study updates

Read past updates on the 2017 capacity charge rate study and Low-Income Customer Affordability Study.