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King County Industrial Waste Program

Partnering with industries to prevent pollution.

The King County Industrial Waste Program (KCIW) regulates approximately 650 commercial and industrial customers that discharge wastewater into King County’s regional wastewater system. KCIW functions under the County’s Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) as a delegated industrial waste pretreatment program. KCIW is required to meet the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements for the division’s wastewater treatment plants.

KCIW issues wastewater discharge approvals, conducts inspections, performs sampling, monitors discharges, reviews and approves pretreatment systems, tracks compliance, and takes enforcement actions against facilities that violate requirements to protect workers, local and regional wastewater conveyance systems, the County’s treatment plants, and biosolids quality. KCIW works cooperatively with its customers, provides technical assistance, and presents awards to those that consistently meet pretreatment requirements.

Learn more from the King County Industrial Waste Program General Fact Sheet (1.28MB)

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Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

King County Industrial Waste Program


Nights and weekends – call your sewage treatment plant.

Brightwater Treatment Plant


West Point Treatment Plant


South Plant / Vashon / Carnation Treatment Plant



Quick links

About the King County Industrial Waste Program

Information about the King County Industrial Waste program and authorization for industrial wastewater dischargers.

Business information

Find information about specific industry standards, including forms and how your business can get authorized to discharge to the King County sewer system.

Forms, fees, and resources

Find application, permit, and reporting forms, information about current industrial waste fees, and resources for industrial dischargers into the King County sewer system.

Wastewater discharge limits and regulations

Learn about the limits and regulations for discharging wastewater into the King County sewer system. Including information about national categorical pretreatment standards.

Annual report

Read highlights from KCIW's annual report or download the full report.

Violation forms and postings

Find information about King County Industrial Waste Program violations.


Read the current and past issues of the King County Industrial Waste newsletter.

Rewards and recognition program

Organizations that exceed their permit requirements are awarded each year for their performance. Find information about last year's winners and criteria for each award.

Related agencies and organizations

Find information about agencies and organizations who work with the King County Industrial Waste program.