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Getting rid of rats and mice

Rodents (rats and mice) are common pests in our area and can be dangerous. They can ruin your food, destroy things in your home, and start electrical fires. Rats and mice also carry diseases that can make people sick. Find tips on how to keep rodents away and how to clean up after them.

Submit a rodent complaint

Submit a rodent complaint

Do you have a rodent infestation, a rat in your toilet, or see rodents associated with illegal dumping of garbage and solid waste? Submit a complaint for our program to investigate.

File a complaint about rodent infestation

Learn how to file a complaint about rodent infestations, rats in toilets, or rodents associated with illegal dumping of garbage and solid waste. You can also learn how to request a rodent trap kit or technical assistance.

Preventing rodents and keeping them away

Find information on bait and trap for rodents, how to prevent entry into your home, and when to hire a professional to help.

Keep rats out of your toilet and sewer pipes

Learn what to do if a rat comes up your toilet and how the Seattle Sewer Baiting Program helps to control rats in Seattle's sewer system.

Cleaning infested vehicles

Find tips and safety measures to take when cleaning a vehicle after a rodent infestation.

Preventing hantavirus

Learn what hantavirus is and how to prevent it.