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Resources for pet business owners

Resources to support pet businesses owners in their efforts to create healthy and sanitary conditions for humans and animals in their business.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Pet Businesses (232 KB), King County Dept. of Local Services
    FAQ on establishing, modifying, or expanding a pet business in unincorporated King County.
  • Design considerations for outdoor areas for pet related businesses (408 KB)
    Guidance document to inform pet related businesses about different types of outdoor area surfaces, how to clean them, and other considerations such as stormwater and wastewater disposal.
  • Fact sheet on disinfectants (438 KB)
    This fact sheet breaks down the most common types of disinfectants, how to mix your solutions, and can help the business decide which type of disinfectant is best for their facility.
  • Fact sheet on dilutions (23 KB)
    This fact sheet helps a business to better understand how to dilute a concentrated disinfectant for effective disinfection.
  • Bleach dilution calculator (MS Excel format)
    Bleach can be tricky to dilute properly. This bleach calculator will help the business to select the correct amount of bleach to add to water for effective disinfecting.
  • Rabies vaccination requirements (158 KB)
    This facts sheet helps businesses to understand the rules related to rabies vaccinations and record keeping requirements of the Board of Health Code Title 8.

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January 2024

  • Permit renewals
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  • What you need to know about navigating pet business regulations in King County
  • New permit management software coming in late 2024/2025
  • Emergency preparedness

October 2023

  • Outdoor areas
  • Artificial turf
  • Wastewater considerations
  • Choosing safer disinfectants

May 2022

  • Salmonella outbreaks linked to non-traditional pets
  • Washing dishes and toys
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