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FLASH: Sexual health education curriculum

Ordering FLASH

  • All grade levels of FLASH are available in print and online formats. Print and online versions offer the same content.
  • Orders for hard copies, or for middle or high school digital licenses, can be placed on an online platform.
  • Middle School and High School FLASH are available online by purchasing a one-year license. MS and HS FLASH digital licenses allow for printing of student handouts only. The lesson plan itself cannot be printed and no portion can be downloaded.
  • Elementary and Special Ed FLASH lessons are available online for free and can be printed in their entirety.
  • Teachers in King County can access FLASH online for free! Just send an email to requesting access. Please provide your name, email address, and the name of your school and school district in the email


About the FLASH curriculum

More information about this sexual health education curriculum.

Family communication materials

FLASH introduction letter and family homework assignments available in multiple languages.

Training for teachers: How to setup FLASH for your school district

Training is not required to use FLASH, however training improves comfort, confidence and effectiveness in delivering the curriculum.

Preview materials for Middle School and High School FLASH

FLASH overview, lesson summaries, learning objectives, and classroom activities.

Where is FLASH being used?

FLASH is used in every region of the country, in a wide variety of communities – urban, suburban and rural. Since 2015, purchases have been made in 44 states. Individuals are not asked to register their use of FLASH, and as such we cannot provide reliable data about exactly who is using FLASH across the United States or internationally, or which lessons districts are choosing to implement. The best way to find out what sexual health education curriculum is being used by your local school district is to be in touch with them directly.

FLASH Lesson Plans

FLASH lesson plans for Special Education

For self-contained classes, ages 11-21.

Additional resources

Strategies for answering sexual health questions when teaching FLASH

Tips for answering different types of student questions. Instructions on how to use the FLASH Values Question Protocol.

Recognizing and reporting abuse and assault

Guidance for teachers or other school staff.

Tools for state and federal grantees

Tools for grantees whose funding requires them to teach the High School FLASH curriculum with fidelity, such as those funded by the Office of Population Affairs.

Alignment to state and federal health education standards

FLASH curriculum alignment to health education standards.

FLASH Professional Development Assessment Tool (204 KB)

The FLASH Professional Development Assessment Tool can be used as a starting point for creating a professional development plan, to ensure every educator is able to receive the support they need to successfully deliver the FLASH curriculum.