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Black Providers Network

During the pandemic, the Black Community Equity Team listened to community members about what is needed to support the Black community. The community wanted to see themselves represented in spaces where they access services and resources. In Public Health, the Access & Outreach team works to ensure our staff reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.

The community also wanted more access to Black health care providers. As a first step to understand this more, the Equity Team is inviting all types of providers to help develop a Black Providers Network. The term “provider” is being used broadly, and the Network itself can define the term further.

The conversation begins with a convening in March, 2023. Initially, the Network will be modeled on the success of the First Friday Forum (FFF), hosted by Access & Outreach. FFF members meet monthly to discuss health insurance and health care services in King County. FFF has continued to grow in membership and impact over more than two decades. We hope this effort has a similar result, focusing specifically on serving the Black community.

If you’re interested in joining the Network or learning more about it, please contact Devon Love.