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Communicable disease prevention and control

Materials may be reproduced with credit stated as, "Reprinted with permission from Public Health — Seattle & King County". If materials are changed or adapted, please add the phrase "Adapted from materials developed from Public Health — Seattle & King County."

Public Health – Seattle & King County has adopted the Washington State Dept. of Health schools and child care guidance. Please reference the following document: Requirements and Guidance to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission in K-12 Schools, Child Care, Early Learning, Youth Development, and Day Camp Programs

Use these letters to notify families about a possible exposure to an infectious disease. These fact sheets are for general information only to advise staff and families on how to limit the spread of the disease, what symptoms to look for, and whether a child should stay home from child care if affected.

Have staff and families contact their healthcare provider for more information. For King County residents without a medical provider or health insurance, Public Health's Access and Outreach program can be reached at 1-800-756-5437. Spanish interpretation is available.