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What to do after Sudden Cardiac Arrest

When an AED is used, it records very important medical data that is necessary for improved patient care and quality review, thus increasing the chances of survival. Washington state law (RCW 70.54.310) requires that the user of the defibrillator contact EMS as soon as possible to download the AED data.

AED Site Coordinators should insure that in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a plan is in place to restore the AED into service and inform EMS about the use of the device as soon as possible.

Responsibilities of the AED Site Coordinator

Upon acquisition of an AED, develop a plan to report any event using a Public Access Defibrillator (even if a shock was not given) to King County Emergency Services:

  • After use of an AED, DO replace the pads. The device will make a chirping sound until the pads are replaced.

  • After use of an AED, DO NOT remove the battery. All data will be erased. The battery is not causing the chirping sound.

  • Contact King County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as soon as possible, per RCW 70.54.310, at or 206-296-4693. Tell them your AED was used and needs a download. Leave a voicemail message with your phone number if no one answers. If you use an AED management company, please contact EMS first. Contact EMS even if no shock was delivered.

An After Use in an Emergency card is available to attach to an AED as a reminder.

Responsibilities of Emergency Medical Services

  • King County EMS staff will arrange to come to your site to download the report from your device.
  • Provide data to medical providers for improved patient care.
  • Evaluate data to improve emergency response systems.