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2022 King County EMS Annual Report (8 Mb, PDF)

The 2022 Annual Report highlights just some of the activities undertaken by the EMS Division and its partners to deliver excellent medical services, improve operations, and address regional and community concerns.  A theme that has shown itself over the past year is the system’s combined ability to press on and support the community despite being faced daily with new challenges.  This year’s report underscores the many ways that the region has come together to collectively address the needs of our communities, and strive to do more, regardless of the demands.

  • 2020-2025 Strategic Plan
    On June 26, 2019, the King County Council unanimously passed both the Medic One/EMS 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and the EMS levy measures, clearing the way for the 6-year, 26.5-cent EMS levy to be placed on the November 2019 general election ballot.

    The Plan and levy are the direct result of an extensive process recently undertaken by regional leaders, decision-makers and Stakeholders, to ensure the EMS system can continue meetings its commitments into the future.

    The levy rate of 26.5 cents/$1,000 AV means that an owner of a $500,00 home in the region will pay $133 in 2020 for some of the nation’s most highly-trained medical personnel to arrive within minutes of an emergency, at any time of day or night, no matter where in King County.

    For more information on the EMS Strategic Plan and levy proposal, please contact Helen Chatalas, Assistant EMS Division Director, at, 206-263-8560. You may also use our online contact form.

  • Medic One/EMS 2014-2019 Strategic Plan
    The Medic One/EMS 2014-2019 Strategic Plan is the primary policy and financial document that will direct the Medic One/EMS system into the future. The Plan provides a general description of the programmatic services to be supported throughout the levy period, and a financial plan to implement the recommendations. As the result of a nine-month all-inclusive planning process, the Strategic Plan reflects the collaborative efforts from public and private regional partners, cities, the King County Executive and the EMS Division.

  • Medic One/EMS 2008-2013 Strategic Plan
    The Medic One/EMS 2008-2013 Strategic Plan is the primary policy and financial document that will direct the Medic One/EMS system into the future. It details the system's current accomplishments, and recommends the necessary steps to ensure the system can meet tomorrow's commitments.

  • 2003 Supplemental Plan to the 2002 Strategic Plan Update

  • 2002 Strategic Plan Update of the 1998-2003 EMS Strategic Plan