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Learn how you get your ballot, how to get a replacement or provisional ballot, where to turn them in, what we do with them, signature challenges, and the process for military service members and voters who live overseas. 

Accessible voting options

Learn about accessible options if voting by mail doesn't work for you.

How ballots are handled

Learn about the steps your ballot goes through during an election to get your vote counted. 

How to get your ballot

Learn how we deliver ballots and what to do if you are out of town or need more help getting your ballot.

Overseas and service voters

Learn about voter registration, receiving, and returning ballots for overseas and/or service voters.

Replacing a ballot or envelope

Find out how to replace your ballot or envelope.

Returning your ballot

Learn where and when you can return your ballot.

Signature challenges

Find out how you will know if there is a problem with your ballot signature and what you can do about it.