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Update my voter registration signature

Learn how to update your voter registration signature and why it matters.

In each election, we compare the signature on your return envelope to the signature on your voter registration record. A ballot is only counted if we can match it to the signature on your record.

Over time, your signature can change. Update your signature to make sure that when we compare, we are comparing against how you sign your name now.

What happens if there is an issue with my signature in a future election?

We'll reach out if your signature is challenged in so you can get it fixed and have your ballot counted.

Learn more about signature challenges

Can you send me a picture of my signature on file?

Under state law, we cannot send you – or anyone else – an image of your signature. Signatures are stored in our voter registration system and only accessed for official purposes.

You can, however, come in person to our office to see the signature on your file. If you have a Washington State ID and registered online or updated your registration online, you can also take a look at the signature on your ID as a guide for how to sign your ballot. 

Updating your signature

While many voters will receive a signature update form in the mail, you don’t have to wait to hear from us.

You can update your signature by filling out one of these forms:

Download our signature update form

Download the voter registration form on the Washington Secretary of State's website

What to do if you receive a letter about your signature

State law requires that the signature on your return envelope matches what’s on your voter registration record. While you may not have encountered an issue with your signature in the past, we want to help make sure that your ballot is counted in every election.

Since signatures change over time, we recommend that you have a current signature on file before the next election. Receiving a signature update form in the mail does not mean there is a problem with your voter registration. We are simply asking all voters for a current signature.

How do I know this letter is from King County Elections?

The envelope, letter, and forms are a either pink or blue and feature the King County Elections logo prominently. We recommend filing out and returning the form before the next election. '

Why does the signature update form ask for three signatures?

Many people have different versions of their signature and signatures can look a little different every time we sign them. Providing space for more than one signature was a recommendation that came out of a recent audit on signature challenge rates across Washington State from the State Auditor’s Office.

We can hold as many signatures as you’d like on file and will compare against them all when you cast your vote.

Returning the signature update form

You can return the form by mail or email. If returning by email, please be sure to take a clear photo or scan so that we can get a good image of your signature.


Is there a deadline to return the signature update form?

We encourage you to return your form as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get lost or forgotten.

You can update your signature with us by mail or email up to eight days before Election Day or in person all the way until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

I received a form for someone else. Can I sign that one?

Each form is unique to the voter and has their name and voter ID on it. Do not sign someone else’s form. If that person no longer lives at that address, simply write ‘Return to sender’ on it and stick it back in the mail or recycle it.

Our team does have checks and procedures in place to ensure that the signature on the form matches the name of the voter.

Knowingly signing another person’s form is a Class C felony under Washington state law.