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Jobs and Housing Program

Learn more about King County's work to connect people experiencing homelessness to jobs, case managers, and housing support.

About the program

The Jobs and Housing Program provides temporary jobs, career preparation, and housing and support services to people experiencing homelessness. The average pay is between $20-25 per hour, and jobs come with health insurance and other benefits. Jobs may be with King County or other local organizations.

Most jobs are entry-level, with little to no prior experience necessary.

What's included?

  • Temporary jobs lasting up to 1 year
  • Paid ORCA transit pass and other transportation assistance as needed for 1 year
  • Housing support (rental subsidy, housing case management, etc.) for 1 year
  • Career support and coaching services for 1 year

King County established this program in 2021 to combat the region’s homelessness crisis using American Rescue Plan funds.

How the program works for individuals

Temporary employment with King County includes:

  • Positions for 6 months to 1 year at $20 to $25 per hour
  • King County benefits
  • Example positions: human resource scanning technician, elections voter signature projects, parks beautification projects, animal care technicians
  • Ongoing case management to help remove barriers to employment (e.g., childcare, transportation, work attire, cell phone plans, etc.)
  • ORCA passes and other transportation support

What kind of housing support is available?

The Jobs and Housing Program supports program participants with housing services. If eligible, participants are connected to a rapid rehousing case manager. Others may work with their program case manager for housing support.

Rapid rehousing is designed to help you quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. Rapid rehousing services include help finding housing, rent and move-in assistance, and case management services.

Financial assistance may include (but is not limited to):

  • Move-in costs, including deposit and first month’s rent
  • Rental assistance, rental application fees
  • Payments for background and credit checks
  • Previous housing debt and rental arrears if it will help with immediate housing placement
  • Utility deposits and arrears needed to secure housing
  • Moving costs

Rapid rehousing also includes housing search and support.

Note that it may take a couple weeks to meet with your housing case manager. Based on the local housing market, once you are working with a case manager it can take up to a few months to find housing that fits your needs.

What type of career support is available?

  • Basic career services: Job readiness workshops, skills assessment, information on labor market, job search, etc.
  • Individualized career services: Development of an employment plan, individual career planning, workshops on resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, etc., referral to education/ training programs.
  • Career attainment fund: Support services to cover costs that will remove barriers to employment, e.g., driver’s license, childcare, work related clothes or tools, training related costs, certifications, etc.

How the program works for organizations

We partner with emergency shelters, rapid rehousing providers, social service agencies, libraries, etc., to recruit participants into the program. We’d love to partner with you to refer candidates.

Email to learn more about the program and our current open positions.