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King County Comprehensive Plan: Subarea plans

Community Service Area Subarea Planning:

After nearly two decades, King County has initiated a new subarea planning program. Beginning with the 2016 Comprehensive Plan, the geographical boundaries of the County's Seven Community Service Areas are being used as the framework for subarea plans created and amended from that point forward.

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Active Plans

Plans adopted after the 1994 Comprehensive Plan, the first plan under the Washington State Growth Management Act, that remain active today include the following:

Community Plan Archive map 

The term "Community Plan" was used to identify the geographic areas that had detailed plans created between 1973 and 1994. This map compares the geographic boundaries used in the 1970s-1990s Community Plans with the geographic boundaries in use today for the Community Service Area Subarea Plans. Many other plans contain valuable policies and historical information and will be reviewed during the CSA Planning Program noted above.

Other Plans