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Projects of special interest

Permitting activities in unincorporated King County that may be of special interest to the public because of their nature, size, or location

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SPARO Kelp and Shellfish Farm

This proposed project is an integrated and regenerative kelp and shellfish farm which will grow sugar kelp, clams, mussels, oysters, and possible scallops at one location. All these species are either native or naturalized to the proposed area. It is located 300 feet offshore of the mean low tide in the Puget Sound at the SW corner of Vashon Island, WA in Colvos Passage. The NW corner will be at approximately: 47.337833N, -122526706W, Section 2, Township 21N, Range 02E. The site will be entirely in open water between depth of 30 feet and 80 feet and will not access the shoreline or tidal lands.

CONTACT: send email to Tracy Cui or call 206-263-8720.

Notice of Decision


Project Page with Exhibits



Lakeside Industries Asphalt Plant

Construction of a new asphalt plant with parking and drainage facilities. Site cleanup and widening of SR-169 and a new driveway to the site.

CONTACT: send email to Ty Peterson or call 206-477-0449

Notice of Decision


Combined Notice of Decision

Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (MDNS)

Shoreline Management Substantial Development Permit Application Decision

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Plans


5 mile Pit Expansion

parcels: 1424089001, 1424089004, 1424089005

CONTACT: send email to Nancy Hopkins or call 206-477-0375


5 Mile Pit Expansion

Notice of Application

Site Plan