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Projects of special interest

Permitting activities in unincorporated King County that may be of special interest to the public because of their nature, size, or location
Project Type of Proposal NOA Mailed Project Information

Cumberland Aggregate Mine and Asphalt Plant

Extraction and processing of aggregates and construction of an asphalt plant. The project will be developed in four phases within a 35-year span.

Contact SEPA Project Manager Fereshteh Dehkordi at 206-477-8479 or

Notice of Application

SEPA Checklist (913 KB)

Appendix A, Mining, Grading, & Drainage Plan Set (18,375 KB)

Appendix B, Sound Analysis (2,527 KB)

Appendix C, Air Dispersion (7,388 KB)

Appendix D, Traffic Impact (17,731 KB)

Appendix E, Environmental Technical Report – Part 1
Appendix E – Part 2 (51,039 KB)
Appendix E – Part 3 (25,604 KB)
Appendix E – Part 4 (2,102 KB)
Appendix E – Part 5 (15,165 KB)
Appendix E – Part 6 (931 KB)
Appendix E – Part 7 (8,907 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 (646 KB KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 1 (7,143 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 2 (7,877 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 3 (20,826 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 4 (120,327 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 5 (15,127 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 6 (31,588 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 7 (2,967 KB)
Appendix E – Part 8 – Map 8 (38,056 KB)
Appendix E – Part 9 (9,665 KB)
Appendix E – Part 10 (293 KB)
Appendix E – Part 11 (8,159 KB)
Appendix E – Part 12 (29,889 KB)
Appendix E – Part 13 (607 KB)
Appendix E – Part 14 (12,721 KB)
Appendix E – Part 15 (2,637 KB)

Appendix F, Technical Information (22,902 KB)

Appendix G, Cultural Resources (14,190 KB)

Appendix H, Critical Areas (12,012 KB)

Appendix I, Plants & Animals (228 KB)

Appendix J, Geotech (319,264 KB)

Appendix K, Fish Habitat (28,492 KB)

Appendix L, Limited Subsurface (15,342 KB)

Community Meeting Presentation, Feb. 26, 2024 (9,227 KB)

Community Sign-in Sheet, Feb. 27, 2024 (1,346 KB)


A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow construction of a recreational campsite consisting of 8 tents, 25 RV and 15 cabin sites together with all supporting facilities, such as parking, toilet/shower, kitchen, office/host and an onsite store for campers. The project will be constructed in three phases.

Contact Fereshteh Dehkordi at 206-477-8479 or

Notice of Application

SEPA Wetland and Wildlife Study

Notice of Application

Civil Plans

SEPA Checklist

Traffic Analysis

Technical Information Report


SPARO Kelp and Shellfish Farm

This proposed project is an integrated and regenerative kelp and shellfish farm which will grow sugar kelp, clams, mussels, oysters, and possible scallops at one location. All these species are either native or naturalized to the proposed area. It is located 300 feet offshore of the mean low tide in the Puget Sound at the SW corner of Vashon Island, WA in Colvos Passage. The NW corner will be at approximately: 47.337833N, -122526706W, Section 2, Township 21N, Range 02E. The site will be entirely in open water between depth of 30 feet and 80 feet and will not access the shoreline or tidal lands

Contact Tracy Cui, 206-263-8720 or

Notice of Decision

Project Page with Exhibits



Lakeside Industries Asphalt Plant

Construction of new asphalt plant with associated parking and drainage facilities. Site cleanup and widening of SR-169 and a new driveway to the site.

Contact: Ty Peterson, 206-477-0449 or

Notice of Decision

Combined Notice of Decision

Mitigated Determination of Nonsignificance (MDNS)

Shoreline Management Substantial Development Permit Application Decision

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Plans


5 Mile Pit Expansion

parcels: 1424089001, 1424089004, 1424089005

Contact: Fereshteh Dehkordi at 206-477-0375 or


5 Mile Pit Expansion

Notice of Application

Site Plan


Ravensdale Trench Filling

parcels: 0121069001, 0121069005, 3633069009

Contact Fereshteh Dehkordi at 206-477-0375 or


Ravensdale Trench

Notice of Application

Site Plan

SEPA Checklist


Vashon Household

Under the newly adopted Alternative Housing Demonstration Project provisions (KCC 21A.55.124) the applicant seeks approval to develop the site with five single-family, detached Low Income Congregate Residences.

Contact Nancy Hopkins at 206-477-0331 or

10/19/2020 Vashon Household


UPS Gateway Shipping Hub

Redevelopment of existing UPS shipping hub at King County Airport by construction of a new cargo sort facility and supporting structures (total of 106,629 sq. ft.) together with 196 parking stalls.

Contact: Sherie Sabour, 206-477-0367 or


Building documents
Building Permit Application Intake Transmittal
Permit Application, Certificates, and Survey
Plan Set
Site Development Plans
Technical Reports and Calculations
Site Plan

Cover Sheet and Legal Description
SEPA Checklist and Gass Emission Worksheet
Large Aircraft Parking Report
Transportation Concurrency Memo
Traffic Impact Analysis