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Ways to pay

The easiest way to pay for your ride is with an ORCA card, which you can purchase at a ticket machine. Ticket machines accept cash and credit/debit cards such as Visa or MasterCard. Or buy a ticket on your phone with the Transit GO Ticket app. Buses also accept exact cash fares.

Pay using an ORCA card

Tap your ORCA card to board. The process varies slightly depending on which transit system you are boarding. When you exit Link light rail and the Sounder commuter train, re-tap your ORCA card to complete the trip.

If you are transferring, the fare you paid with your first tap will transfer with you for up to two hours on all other ORCA transit services, except Washington State Ferries. If any part of your trip costs more than your transfer fare, you will only have to pay the difference.

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Using Transit GO Ticket

When you’re ready to board, simply activate the ticket in your app and board the Metro bus. If boarding through the front door, show the activated ticket on your mobile device screen to the driver. If boarding through the rear doors, be prepared to show your activated ticket to a fare enforcement officer, if asked.

You can only transfer between Metro buses and RapidRide buses with Transit GO Ticket. No other transfers to other systems are allowed. If you are transferring to another Metro bus or RapidRide bus, show your activated ticket to the driver when boarding, or fare enforcement officer if asked. Your ticket is good for unlimited transfers for up to two hours from the time you activate it. The expiration date and time are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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Pay using cash or tickets

Please have the exact fare ready (you can overpay if you don't have the exact amount); drivers do not carry change. Put your money/tickets in the farebox located next to the driver. The farebox has a sign that tells you the fare.

If you are transferring, ask the driver for a paper transfer at the time you pay. Metro paper transfers are valid on only Metro buses. If you are paying cash and use more than one transit system you must pay a fare each time you board a different bus.

On Metro RapidRide buses, or when travelling on Third Avenue in downtown Seattle, the driver will always give you a paper transfer when paying with cash. This transfer also acts as your receipt for proof of payment. Keep it with you at all times when riding because a fare enforcement officer may ask to see it.