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PAO Case Info Application self-help resources

Learn how to use the PAO Case Info Application. Formerly known as eLODI.

eLODI transition

eLODI transitioned to the PAO Case Info Application on August 7, 2021. Law enforcement uses this method to electronically submit cases to the PAO for review. This update is in coordination with the new Jail Management System upgrade.

Find written instructions and video tutorials for how to use the PAO Case Info Application below.


Referring a case for a filing decision

You must create a new referral when formally referring a case for filing. Create a new referral even if a defendant was booked and there is a “case” in PAO Case Info for that law enforcement incident number. That “case” is a shell created for the booking only. We do not review it for a filing decision.

If you add files to an existing booking, our Filing Unit is not notified and a review of your case may not happen. The PAO is only notified that you have submitted a case requiring a filing decision by clicking "Create New Referral". Do not use the follow-up discovery process for creating a new referral.

Superform requirements

You are no longer required to submit a Superform with each felony referral. A Superform is automatically populated with the suspect or defendant's data you enter in the process of creating a new referral. With the new automatic system, it is even more important that you enter the most up to date contact information for each suspect/defendant. Do not rely on existing addresses in the PAO system.

Log in to PAO Case Info via Ingress

Basic search screen

External view - search results and case information

External view - uploading files into existing cases

External view - Accessing unsubmitted referrals to submit to the PAO

External view - Referral history and referral summary

The defendant or suspect

Referral and arrest case identifiers

What court is your case being submitted into



Documents and files


Rush filings