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The criminal justice process - Set for trial

Find information about what happens when a case is set for trial in the criminal justice process.

Once a case has been set for trial, many things will happen, including:

  • The prosecution and defense will start scheduling interviews with:
    • Potential witnesses including victims.
    • Law enforcement, and
    • Additional experts.
  • Pre-trial motions and hearings may be scheduled to address:
    • What evidence may be allowed or limited during trial.
    • Other pretrial matters that must be resolved before a trial begins.

Cases rarely start on their first scheduled trial date due in part to limited courtroom and judge availability.

Please stay in contact with our office staff regarding your availability and be aware that hearing dates might change as we learn more about the court's availability to go to trial.

Crime Victims

The defense attorney or defense investigator may ask to interview the victim. According to the crime victim bill of rights, you may have a right to have a victim advocate present to support you
during this process. You may also wish to have the prosecutor present as well.

If you want to know more about your rights regarding this interview or would like our office to be responsible for scheduling this interview on your behalf, please contact your advocate.