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May Creek sub-basin environment

May Creek is a tributary to Lake Washington, draining the area to the north of Cedar River and west of Issaquah Creek, and including parts of the cities of Renton and Newcastle.

May Creek Basin Plan Action Plan

Plan adopted in 2001 to provide regulatory guidance, programs, and capital projects that would reduce the threat of flooding to citizens in May Creek Basin, improve infrastructure to facilitate stormflow conveyance, stabilize stream banks, and reduce erosion, protect and enhance fish and wildlife habitat and water quality, and to take reasonable steps to prevent existing problems from worsening in the future.

May Creek water quality monitoring data

May Creek Drainage Improvement Project 9A1205

May Creek Drainage and Restoration Plan - Final Draft

Summary of past, current, and projected future conditions in the May Creek Basin, inventory of actions planned in the basin and recommended projects to address local flood control issues, degraded aquatic habitat, and related issues in the May Valley.

Biological Evaluation Report for chinook salmon and steelhead trout as protected under the Endangered Species Act

Stream and Wetland Impact Analysis and Mitigation Plan

Sediment Assessment Technical Memorandum

May Creek Erosion Stabilization Plan - Draft

Summary of erosion monitoring and evaluation efforts, this report describes the geomorphic, hydrologic, and hydraulic conditions in May Creek and implications on sediment transport and bank erosion.

May Creek Sediment Transport Study, June 2009

Report provides the results of a monitoring study in the ravine reach of May Creek where data was collected on stream flows and sediment transport between 148th Avenue SE and Coal Creek Parkway.

December 2010 Baseline Stream Conditions

March 2010 Wetland Delineation Report

Hydraulic and Hydrologic Analyses of the May Creek Channel Restoration Project

May Creek Drainage Improvement Project 9A1205 State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Documentation:
SEPA Environmental Checklist and Mitigated Determination of Non-significance issued Sept. 8, 2010.