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Auditor's Office

The King County Auditor promotes improved performance, accountability, and transparency in King County government through objective and independent audits and studies.

What brings you here?

Auditor's offices in other counties are sometimes responsible for functions that are handled by separate agencies in King County. The King County Auditor's Office does not handle issues or questions relating to:

Please see the linked pages above, or the Customer Service Center website, regarding any of the above services — or learn more about the Auditor's Office.

A trench in the right-of-way for underground utility lines and cables.

Staff Capacity and Project Complexity Limit Right-of-Way Revenue | Sept 12, 2023

Rows of parked Metro buses

Metro Transit: Strengthening Data, Communication, and Continuous Improvement Processes Could Help Reduce Project Delays | July 18, 2023

BIPOC coworkers in an office setting

Clearer Roles, Accountability, and Monitoring Would Support Equity Change | March 23, 2023

Upcoming briefings and publications

Code Enforcement
Government Accountability and Oversight Committee
November 2023

King County International Airport
Government Accountability and Oversight Committee
December 2023

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Audits and oversight in progress

The 2023-2024 work program outlines work to be initiated in this biennium. The following projects are underway. 

  • CFJC Conditions of Confinement
  • Fish Passage
  • King County Airport
  • Code Enforcement
  • Purchase Cards

Seeking Community Input 

Seeking Community Input

Help us promote positive change in King County government!

Do you have ideas for how King County can better serve you and your neighbors?
Increase racial justice and equity? Save money?

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Auditor’s Office Wins National Award for Audit of Property Tax Exemptions

The Association of Local Government Auditors’ Awards Program Committee announced that the King County Auditor’s Office’s report, “Property Tax Exemptions: Stronger Systems Needed to Meet Demand,” won the 2022 Distinguished Knighton Award in the large shop category, calling it one of the best reports of 2022. They noted that it was a relevant subject that could have significant impact on some of the most vulnerable residents of the community. They said the King County Auditor’s Office made specific, feasible, and actionable recommendations for improvement and the effective use and placement of visuals conveyed the message and enhanced the report’s readability. Rather than simply narrating a story, the auditor effectively used charts and graphs to demonstrate changes in workloads and backlogs to correlate the impacts on wait times for property tax exemption approvals.