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About Balanced You

About Balanced You

In 2018, King County launched Balanced You, a fresh approach to employee health and well-being designed to meet the whole-health needs of King County’s diverse workforce. Inspired by employees, Balanced You will equip you to live healthy and safe, know and use your benefits, and find balance in life and work.

We know that health isn’t just about having a healthy body. That’s why Balanced You also focuses on having a healthy mind, a healthy way to manage money, and healthy connections to friends and family.

Balanced You brings together all the great tools, resources and programs offered by the Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations Section, Safety & Claims, the Employee Assistance Program and Employee Health & Well-Being to support employees so you can feel good, get the most out of life, and do your best work for the people of King County.

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What happened to "Healthy Incentives"?

Balanced You is replacing the award-winning Healthy Incentives program. Balanced You is an all voluntary program designed and developed in partnership with labor and informed by employee input.

What does this mean for 2018 and your out-of-pocket medical expenses for 2019 health benefits?

Thanks to the collaborative effort between labor partners and King County, KING COUNTY EMPLOYEES* WILL HAVE GOLD LEVEL BENEFITS IN 2019. In 2018, you will not need to take a Wellness Assessment or engage in an Individual Action Plan.

*Applies to non-represented employees and members of KCPOG, ATU, and unions that have formally signed the 2017-2018 JLMIC benefits agreement.

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Please share your feedback with the team at Balanced You so we can spread good ideas, share success stories, and bring new tools to help you feel energized and be your best. The more you tell us, the better Balanced You will be!


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