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Below you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about KingCare Select.


KingCare Select is a third health plan choice offered by Regence BlueShield that cares for people in a different way. When you choose KingCare Select, you’re connected to a well-rounded Accountable Health Network (AHN), which holds providers responsible to deliver better quality care and improve the patient experience at a lower cost to you. KingCare Select offers four networks of local providers working as a team to deliver personalized care to help you feel your best. You choose the network that best fits you and your family’s needs.

KingCare Select gives you a choice between four different networks in the Puget Sound region:

The networks are administered by Regence BlueShield. You choose one network for everyone covered by your plan.


To determine if your doctors, hospitals, and other providers are in the network you are considering, use the following links to the provider search tool.

Eastside Health Network
MultiCare Connected Care™
UW Medicine
Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Once you’re on the search page, type the doctor, hospital, or clinic by name, condition, or specialty into the search box. 

To conduct an advance search, click on Advance Search and search by People or Places to customize your search.

To search a different Accountable Health Network, we encourage you to use the links above. To learn how, watch this video: Using the Regence provider search tool. Alternatively, you can go to the Regence search page and choose the Your Plan menu, use the Search by name of network search box, or choose Medical – Washington. Under Washington Preferred, Classic, Innova, Engage, HSA 2.0, 3.0, click on one of the networks: Eastside Health Network, MultiCare Connected Care, UW Medicine, or Virginia Mason Franciscan Health and use the search box to conduct your search. 

No. You choose one of the following networks when you enroll in KingCare Select: Eastside Health Network, MultiCare Connected Care™, UW Medicine, or Virginia Mason Franciscan Health. They are separate provider networks. When you enroll in one, the providers in the other networks are considered out-of-network and you will pay more to use them. Some providers may be in more than one KingCare Select network.

To determine if your doctors, hospitals, and other providers are in the network you are considering, use the following links to the provider search tool:

Eastside Health Network
MultiCare Connected Care™
UW Medicine
Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

After you choose your KingCare Select network, you can only make a change if you experience a qualifying life event, such as getting married or moving out of the KingCare Select service area. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the next Open Enrollment to make changes.

The Accountable Health Networks (AHNs) are plans made available through Regence BlueShield to employers like King County. AHNs are groups of primary care physicians, specialists, clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals that voluntarily come together to provide a better experience of care and better health outcomes for their members at an affordable price. The four AHNs serve geographic areas where many King County employees reside. Each network has a complete set of providers, including specialists, alternative care, and mental health providers.

The KingCare Select plan offers convenient, high-quality service at a good price, and offers:

  • Lower medical deductibles than the traditional KingCare PPO plan
    • Regular employee in-network deductible: $100 single/$300 family.
    • Transit ATU 587 employee in-network deductible: $100 single/$300 family.
    • Deputy Sheriff employee in-network deductible: $100 single/$300 family.
  • Lower generic prescription drug copays than the traditional KingCare PPO plan
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs when using network providers
  • Office visits for a simple $20 copay—you’ll know what to expect every time you go.
  • Well-rounded networks of doctors and specialists working together as a care team to move toward wellness for every patient
  • Rewards to providers for the care they provide when you are sick, and for keeping you healthy too

The following people can enroll in KingCare Select:

  • Employees: At this time, the KingCare Select medical plan is not available to TEA-Transit employees. All other employees are eligible to choose KingCare Select. 
  • Retirees and their covered spouses or state-registered domestic partners who are not enrolled in Medicare.
  • COBRA enrollees and their covered spouses or state-registered domestic partners who are not enrolled in Medicare.

Yes, but when you go to doctors and facilities that are not part of the KingCare Select network you choose, you will pay significantly more. To see a summary of out-of-network costs, see the Regular, ATU, or Sheriff employee Medical Plan Comparison Charts.

See the next question for information about emergency care while traveling.

Yes. When you travel, you pay 10% of the cost of covered emergency medical services at any Regence-network emergency room, plus a $200 copay. If you receive primary or ancillary specialty care outside your KingCare Select network, you’ll pay 40% percent for covered services, and may be balance billed.

KingCare Select members have access to BlueCard and BlueCard Worldwide programs, which are extensive networks of emergency and urgent care facilities around the world. For additional information, call BlueCard Global Core at 1-800-810-2583 or search for a provider outside the United States.

Learn more about coverage outside the United States by entering the alpha prefix from your ID card.

If you want to keep seeing a specific doctor, therapist, other care provider, or clinic, use the online provider search tools below to make sure they’re in the KingCare Select network you intend to pick during Open Enrollment. Even if your provider is located in a clinic or hospital in one of the KingCare Select networks, be sure to confirm your provider is in-network.

KingCare Select networks primarily cover King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties. Check out this video to learn how to use the Provider Search Tool.

Eastside Health Network

Phone: 855-385-0950
Search for network providers

MultiCare Connected Care™

Phone: 833-691-0880
Search for network providers


UW Medicine

Phone: 855-520-8558
Search for network providers


Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Phone: 800-376-7926

Search for network providers

For most services, you do not need a referral. You’ll save the most money and have help coordinating your care by working with your primary care physician.

If your network provider thinks you should see a non-network provider, they can submit a request for a network waiver for consideration by Regence BlueShield before services are performed.

The coverage is the same, but the copay amounts are different.

KingCare Select copays are $5 for generic, $25 for brand formulary, and $75 for non-formulary. Check the Medical Plan Comparison chart (Regular Employees, Transit ATU 587 Employees, or Deputy Sheriff Employees) for more details.

Like the traditional KingCare PPO plan, your pharmacy benefit will be managed through CVS Caremark.

Yes. Remember that you must enroll each year to participate in the dependent care and medical FSA and choose your new deductions.

Possibly not. KingCare Select covers your dependents who live outside the Puget Sound area for covered medical emergencies at any emergency room. However, if your dependents live outside the geographic area covered by the KingCare Select networks (primarily King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties), they must return to the network area for in-network non-emergent and routine services.

Compare the King County medical plans to ensure all family members can receive the services they need when they need it. Contact Regence customer service for details about each KingCare Select network.

No. If you enroll in the KingCare Select medical plan, you can cover your spouse or state-registered domestic partner with no monthly Benefit Access Fee. To learn more, go to Benefit Access Fees.

Yes. You have to use the same network, but each family member can have a different primary care provider within that network.

Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations is here to help you choose a medical plan for you and your family during Open Enrollment November 1–15. Call 206-684-1556, or email KC Benefits. Many resources are also available on the Open Enrollment web pages.

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