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FAQs for nonprofits

FAQs for nonprofits

The Nonprofit Expo is the nonprofit agency fair of the KCEGP. We hold multiple Expos across the county and on different dates. Spots for the Expo go fast, so please RSVP as soon as possible once invited. Usually you will only be able to attend one Expo location in order to spread out the opportunity to as many of our participating nonprofits as possible.

The 2023 application period (for distributions in 2023) is April 12-May 4, 2023. For information on the 2023 application period, check back here Nonprofit Applications page for more details. Nonprofits must reapply every year. To be added to the notification list, click here to subscribe.

For any organizational name changes, please send an updated KING COUNTY W-9 and a letter or press release to the Employee Giving Program by email or by mail at:

King County Employee Giving Program
MS: CNK-HR-0231
401 5th Avenue, Second Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

The end date is always the Friday before Thanksgiving, then back up 7 weeks! 
  • 2023 Major Solicitation Period October 2- November 17, 2023
There are several requirements a nonprofit organization must meet in order to be a part of the Employee Giving Program, including turning in an on-time and complete application during application period.
Click here to see the full page of requirements.
  • The KCEGP is the King County Employee Giving Program, the workplace giving program for employees of King County government (that's us!)
  • The CFC is the Combined Federal Campaign, the workplace giving program for employees of the Federal government.
  • The CFD is the Combined Fund Drive, the workplace giving program for employees of the state of Washington.
    All three programs have different eligibility requirements and separate application processes. Therefore, acceptance into one does not imply acceptance into the others. Please check with the other programs to see if you are a part of their workplace giving programs.
Agencies apply in March/April to participate in the October/ November annual drive. If you are a member of a federation, your federation representative may have applied for you. Either way, you will have received a letter about your eligibility by mid-June. You can also look on our participating nonprofit organizations page. Don't forget nonprofits must reapply every year.
Per King County Code, nonprofits share in the cost of the program. Our average cost to nonprofits for fundraising and processing is very low, $.10 per dollar raised. Workplace giving is one of the most cost effective forms of fundraising for a nonprofit organization and it provides even lower risk than any of the major fundraising models.
Fundraising Activity/Method National Cost to Raise a Dollar
Capital Campaign/Major Gifts $ .05 to $ .10 per dollar raised.
Corporations and Foundations (Grant Writing) $ .20 per dollar raised.
Direct Mail Renewal $ .20 per dollar raised
Planned Giving $ .25 per dollar raise¾and a lot of patience!
Benefit/Special Events $ .50 of gross proceeds
Direct Mail Acquisition $ 1.00 to $ 1.25 per dollar raised
Source: James Greenfield, Fund-Raising: Evaluating and Managing the Fund Development Process (1999)

All donor information is automatically emailed out to contacts on file. If you are a member of a federation all reports go to the federation, please check with them.

Pledge Reports:
These reports tell the nonprofit organization how much was pledged and raised during the most recent Annual Giving Drive. They are emailed out after the completion of the Annual Giving Drive during first quarter of the following fiscal year. For example, the 2020 Annual Giving Drive happened in October-December 2020, reports were then emailed first quarter 2021.

Donor Reports:
While Pledge Reports tell you what was pledged for the year, Donor Reports are what was "actually" donated. There can be differences for several reasons including employees leaving employment, mid-year changes, etc. But for the most part donor reports should reconcile back to the pledge reports. These are sent out quarterly around the same time as the checks.

Please add to your "safe" email list to ensure you receive all reports and notifications.


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