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Equity, Racial, and Social Justice Training

Equity, Racial, and Social Justice Training


Equity, Racial, and Social Justice: Building a pro-equity racially just government and society

The Department of Human Resources Learning and Development group is supporting King County's efforts to build a racially diverse workforce and workplace at all levels with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance a pro-equity racially just workplace and community.

The Equity, Racial, and Social Justice training series will equip employees to be change agents and leaders in our workforce and community, and contains three courses:
  • Equity, Racial, and Social Justice Fundamentals: Designed to support King County employees in learning about equity and social justice and in particular, racial justice at King County. Offered once a month, register here.
  • Race: The Power of an Illusion: This training will use the three-part video series "Race: The Power of an Illusion" to explore the construct of race, how it has been used to channel benefits to those viewed as white, and why racial inequities persist. Offered once a quarter, register here.
  • Building Gender Inclusive Spaces: Exploring the Intersection of Race and LGBTQ+ Identities, participants will learn foundational knowledge of gender and sexuality and best practices to support a gender diverse workforce, with a focus on the intersection of race and LGBTQ+ identities. Offered once a quarter, register here.
  • Equity and Leadership: Created in partnership with the Office of Equity, Racial, and Social Justice, Equity and Leadership is designed to support participants’ ability to recognize the role that race and racism have on disparities in our workforce and to understand the responsibility for people leaders to create racially equitable work environments for their teams. This course is part of the Equity and Social Justice training series, as well as Leading the Way. Offered every other month, register here

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