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Council to review 25 parcels as part of Charter amendment protecting nearly 150,000 acres of rural land


Metropolitan King County
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Council to review 25 parcels as part of Charter amendment protecting nearly 150,000 acres of rural land



 The Metropolitan King County Council’s Committee of the Whole will continue its series of hearings on a proposed amendment to the King County Charter, which would establish a higher level of protection for nearly 150,000 acres of rural land:

Wednesday, April 29
9:30 a.m.
Council chambers
10th floor, King County Courthouse
Third and James Streets

If the Council places the “Open Space Amendment” on the ballot, voters would be asked whether to protect properties deemed to have a “high conservation value” against sale, transfer, or change of use, with some limited exceptions, and whether to add an appendix to the charter that contains a list of those properties. The properties under consideration are located throughout unincorporated rural King County and are already set aside for conservation. The County either owns the properties outright or holds development rights in them. As currently proposed, subsequent additions or deletions from the original list of protected properties would require another charter amendment and vote of the people.

The Committee is being briefed on each of the 94 individual properties that have been proposed for enhanced protection in alphabetical order, and it will decide by July whether to put the Open Space Amendment on the ballot. This Wednesday, the Committee will be briefed on:

• Ellis Creek Natural Area (District 8)
• Evans Creek Natural Area (District 3)
• Evans Crest Natural Area (District 3)
• Fall City Natural Area (District 3)
• Fall City Park West (District 3)
• Girl Scouts Totem Council TDR (District 3)
• Green River Natural Area (District 7)
• Griffin Creek Natural Area (District 3)
• Hatchery Natural Area (District 7)
• Hazel Wolf Wetland Natural Area (District 3)
• Inspiration Point Natural Area (District 8)
• Island Center Forest (District 8)
• Island Center Forest Natural Area (District 8)
• Issaquah Creek Natural Area (Districts 3 & 9)
• Jones Reach Natural Area (District 9)
• Kanaskat Natural Area (District 9)
• Kathyrn C. Lewis Natural Area (District 3)
• Landsburg Reach Natural Area (District 9)
• Little Soos Creek Wetlands Natural Area (District 9)
• Log Cabin Reach Natural Area (District 9)
• Lower Bear Creek Natural Area (District 3)
• Lower Lions Reach Natural Area (District 9)
• Lower Newaukum Creek Natural Area (District 9)
• Lower Peterson Creek Corridor Natural Area (District 9)
• Manzanita Natural Area (District 8)

Councilmember Bob Ferguson, chair of the Committee of the Whole, has said that in the interest of a methodical and transparent process, the specific properties being heard will be listed on the committee’s agenda in advance. Agendas are available online.

More information on the proposed Open Space Amendment and the specific properties being considered for protection is available at the Charter Review Web site.

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