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Dunn seeks support for human rights and fair elections in Iran


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Dunn seeks support for human rights and fair elections in Iran


Proposed motion condemns ongoing violence and expresses support for freedom, civil liberties and rule of law


Citing the fact that the first declaration of human rights was written by an Iranian emperor in 539 B.C., Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn today called on the Council to express its support for Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law.

“How can we not offer our support to the Iranian people when they are fighting for the same ideals our county has embraced for over 230 years” said Dunn. “We have an obligation to speak out against the government of Iran’s violation of human rights, election fraud, and ongoing violence against its people.”

Dunn introduced a motion today condemning Iran’s interference with media coverage of the recent elections and ongoing protests, unlawful detention of political prisoners, threats to execute protesters, and suppression of civil rights and freedom of the press. The motion cites a large community of King County residents of Iranian origin that is actively monitoring the violations taking place overseas.

“During the national election protests in Iran the world truly witnessed the impact of Facebook and Twitter to provide the Iranian citizens with an alternative way to communicate the abuse of human rights to the world, when other media outlets were blocked to them due to government interference,” said Dunn. “Where mass media can be shut off like a faucet by the state, wireless technology is offering an outlet for disenfranchised people to remind us all that freedom should not be taken for granted.”

Read more about this legislation on the King C ounty C ouncil’s LEGISEAR C H system at and type in “2009-0459”

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