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Dunn: Lakewood Officers’ Memorial Act used to keep dangerous suspect “behind bars”


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Dunn: Lakewood Officers’ Memorial Act used to keep dangerous suspect “behind bars”



Metropolitan King County Councilmember and former federal prosecutor Reagan Dunn today released this statement regarding the use of the Lakewood Police Officers’ Memorial Act to keep John Hauff the suspect in a rape, torture and kidnapping case behind bars, the first time is has been used since its adoption by state voters:

“This is the type of crime we envisioned for the application of the new Lakewood law, and shows exactly why we needed to give our judges more discretion to deny bail. The details of the crimes against the victim in this case are unconscionable and I’m relieved she was able to free herself from the situation and alert law enforcement.

“I will rest easier tonight knowing this dangerous suspect is behind bars and does not pose an immediate threat to the public.”

In 2010, the King County Council unanimously adopted a motion urging the Washington State Legislature to approve the Lakewood Law Enforcement Memorial Act. Adopted by the legislature, the legislation sent a constitutional amendment giving judges the discretion to deny bail to people charged with serious crimes that are determined to be a danger to the community to the November 2010 ballot, where it was adopted by voters with an 85 percent yes vote.

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