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County Council recognizes 125th anniversary of King County Bar Association


Metropolitan King County
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County Council recognizes 125th anniversary of King County Bar Association


Members cite Association’s commitment to social justice


The Metropolitan King County Council today recognized the 125th anniversary of the King County Bar Association (KCBA). The Council recognized the Association for its commitment to social justice and its positive influence in the community.

“The KCBA has a rich history of service for our community and I am excited to celebrate their anniversary,” said Councilmember Bob Ferguson. “Their dedication to social justice and education benefits not only the legal community, but the broader communities of King County as well.”

“I am proud to help honor the King County Bar Association for 125 years of outstanding service to our community,” said Councilmember Larry Phillips. “The bar association has a proud record of serving justice, and in particular those who are most vulnerable, ensuring the legal system more accessible to all.”

“I’m a proud member of the King County Bar Association,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn. “The KCBA is so important as an advocate for improving the justice system and for connecting and educating its members. It’s with great pride that we celebrate its 125th anniversary.”

“The bar is deeply honored to receive the council's recognition of this historic milestone,” said KCBA Board President Joseph Bringman. “We are proud to have worked closely with the council throughout our existence to promote the justice system in King County, and we are especially grateful for the council's commitment to ensuring the necessary funding of our county's district and superior courts, as well as our county prosecutors and public defenders.”

Founded by a group of Seattle attorneys in 1886 in light of unlawful attempts to get Chinese workers to leave Seattle, the KCBA now represents 14,000 attorneys in King County. The KCBA continues to help individuals in need navigate the legal system, providing free legal assistance to almost 11,000 economically disadvantaged people in King County.

In addition to their commitment to social justice, the KCBA promotes higher education by awarding scholarships to minority law students to continue their legal education. The Association also assists future lawyers by providing development opportunities to young lawyers in King County.


WHEREAS, the King County Bar Association (KCBA) was founded in 1886 by leading Seattle attorneys in response to unlawful attempts to intimidate Chinese residents into leaving the city; and

WHEREAS, for 125 years, the KCBA has continued to champion equal access to justice for all; and

WHEREAS, the KCBA now has a staff of 35 and a board of trustees with 17 members serving over 14,000 attorneys in King County; and

WHEREAS, the KCBA has worked to improve the justice system in King County by bringing members of the legal profession and the judiciary together to address topics of common interest and to provide information to the public on judicial performance and suitability for appointment or election; and

WHEREAS, KCBA conducts legal education programs for attorneys and the public, and engages in collaborative policy projects to address important community issues; and

WHEREAS, since 1969, the association has awarded $1.7 million in scholarships for minority law students to continue their legal education; and

WHEREAS, more than 1,500 KCBA volunteers annually provide legal assistance to approximately 11,000 economically disadvantaged people in King County through pro bono service programs;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, recognize the


on the occasion of its 125th anniversary and congratulate it on its long record of commitment to social justice and public service.

DATED this nineteenth day of September, 2011.

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