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Dunn: “Blue Alert” law recognition of importance of protecting public safety officers


Metropolitan King County
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Dunn: “Blue Alert” law recognition of importance of protecting public safety officers


Governor signs legislation alerting public of incidents involving injury or death of law enforcement officers


Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn said today’s signing by Governor Gregoire of legislation creating a “Blue Alert” system for law enforcement is a culmination of an effort to protect those men and women who protect the public.

“This is a great day for Washington’s law enforcement community, and recognition of the unique role public safety officers have in our society,” said Dunn. “These are men and women who leave home every day knowing they might not be coming back. Any system that helps make the public aware of attacks on law enforcement is a step towards protecting them and assisting in apprehending those responsible.”

Governor Gregoire’s signature of HB 1820 makes Washington one of eight states that have a system similar to the AMBER alert system that is in place to notify the public about incidents involving children. Blue Alerts will use media resources to inform the public about crucial information regarding suspects who have seriously injured or killed law enforcement officers.

At its February 27 meeting, the King County Council gave its unanimous support to a motion introduced by Dunn urging the Legislature to act on a HB 1820.

In 2010, Dunn sponsored a Council motion urging the Legislature to pass the Lakewood Law Enforcement Memorial Act which placed on the ballot a constitutional amendment giving judges the ability to deny bail to those facing a life sentence. The constitutional amendment passed with 85 percent of the vote.

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