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Council Committee supports proposed interlocal agreement between King County and Maple Valley on Summit Pit property


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Council Committee supports proposed interlocal agreement between King County and Maple Valley on Summit Pit property


Legislation benefitting both the County and City sent to full Council


The Metropolitan King County Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee (TrEE) today sent to the full County Council with a “Do Pass” recommendation, an ordinance that would establish an interlocal agreement between the County and the city of Maple Valley, allowing the City to annex County property that is in the heart of the Maple Valley.

The ordinance, introduced by County Councilmember Reagan Dunn, authorizes the County Executive to enter into an interlocal agreement (ILA) with Maple Valley regarding the annexation of the Summit Pit property. The ILA will allow for a smooth transition of the Maple Valley Proposed Annexation Area (PAA) to city control and ensure the continued operation of the roads maintenance facility owned by the King County Department of Transportation.

“This ordinance is a very important step for both the County and the city of Maple Valley,” said Dunn. “This legislation will give Maple Valley residents the ability to decide what the best use will be for this property, which will help shape the character of this area for years to come.

“I am pleased to support this proposed agreement that will benefit the city of Maple Valley and the County,” said Maple Valley Mayor Bill Allison. “The Summit Pit has been a challenge for both the City and the County. Partnering with Councilmember Dunn, the County Council and King County is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders involved.”

The ILA would ensure that the County can continue its current use of the facility, which also includes a gravel mine. Operation of the facility would continue on the property until the property is sold or transferred.

The proposed ILA would also have Maple Valley keep the County informed of any proposal to change land use or zoning on the property, which will allow the County to provide meaningful input regarding any impacts to the continuation of its operations.

This agreement is an important step for the city of Maple Valley as it gives the City control over their vision of future development of this area. Future plans could include a high school to ease overcrowding or development that will lead to increased economic activity and job creation.

The TrEE Committee sent the ordinance to the full County Council for final action in September.

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