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Community Service Area meeting brings Dunn, unincorporated residents together to discuss issues


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Community Service Area meeting brings Dunn, unincorporated residents together to discuss issues


Opportunity to talk to “local” government


Residents living in the unincorporated King County in the Four Creeks/Tiger Mountain Community Service Area (CSA) met with Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn and representatives from King County agencies June 13 to hear about the work being done in and around King County and discuss their concerns.

“There is no substitute for meeting with constituents and hearing their concerns directly,” said Dunn. “These meetings are a superb way to share information with local residents and hear what we as representatives can do to better serve their interests.”

The meeting at the Castle Ice in Briarwood comes on the heels of three other such meetings earlier this year. Fairwood residents met with Dunn and County officials in April and two meetings were held last month for people living on the Enumclaw Plateau and the Greater Maple Valley. Councilmember Dunn also took part in similar meetings last winter in Enumclaw, Greater Maple Valley and Renton.

The meetings were in conjunction with the newly designed CSA program, which offers expanded opportunities for King County to work with and hear the concerns of constituents living in the unincorporated neighborhoods throughout the county.

King County is the “local” government for these communities. The open houses provided residents with the chance to ask questions and voice their concerns to their elected representative as well as the County officials responsible for providing services to their communities.

The CSA meetings are an extension of Councilmember Dunn’s outreach to the residents of District 9. Along with meeting with residents in unincorporated neighborhoods, Dunn has delivered “state of the County” addresses to the eight City Councils in District 9.

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