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Liberty High students on hand to see County Council approve “Patriot Way”


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Liberty High students on hand to see County Council approve “Patriot Way”


Class project ends with new street name in front of school


A project for the students of Renton’s Liberty High School became a reality today as the Metropolitan King County Council unanimously adopted legislation renaming the street in front of their school “Patriot Way.”

“Doing the leg work to make this name change a reality was a long, arduous process,” said Reagan Dunn, who represents Liberty High School on the County Council.  “The students worked hard on this project and should be proud of the lasting legacy they will leave behind for Liberty High School.”

The goal of the class project was simple: to honor past, present and future students of the school by designating 168th Ave SE as “Patriot Way.”

“From the beginning of the year, the kids were excited about making this happen, renaming 168th to Patriot Way,” said School Principal Joshua Almy. “They learned about the process, got the paperwork, knocked on doors on weekends, got the signatures, and submitted it all to the county. They were relentless in getting this done. Anybody who knows the kids at Liberty High School would not find this surprising, that’s the make-up of our kids. Hard working, can-do attitudes, always focused on doing what’s best for Liberty and what’s best for the community. They make me proud to be an educator and even more proud to be a Patriot.”

"Liberty High School's ASB has a vision statement that involves remaining dedicated to student leadership,” said Rachel Wittenberg, 2014 ASB Class President. “The legacy of this school's impact on the community by the student body and ASB would only be furthered by changing the street's name. Patriot Way is not just new words on a sign; it's a sign of accomplishment for our school and a sense of pride for Liberty students that will make us even more successful and spirited in our leadership in the future."

“Having our street name "Patriot Way" gives me a lot of passion and energy about our school and is definitely a well-received idea that everyone can agree and unite around,” said Tyler Le, 2014 ASB Senator.

“As an alum and current teacher at Liberty, I am proud to call Liberty my home," said ASB Advisor Michelle Munson. "When students, staff, families and our neighbors drive onto Patriot Way, we want them to feel welcome and a part of our Liberty community. The students work on this project exemplifies what it is to be a Patriot – hardworking individuals who do their best to make Liberty, and our community, a better place for others.” 

Read more about this legislation on the King County Council’s LEGISEARCH system at and type in “2013-0244”

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Image: Group Photo for Patriot Way
Students and faculty from Liberty High School join Metropolitan King County Councilmembers. On June 17, the Council took final action on legislation changing the name of the street in front of the school to “Patriot Way.”
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