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Dunn amendment to review closure of Renton Transfer Station


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Dunn amendment to review closure of Renton Transfer Station


Impact on current users taken into consideration


The Metropolitan King County Council’s Committee of the Whole today gave its unanimous approval to an amendment proposed by Councilmember Reagan Dunn to review the impacts of the potential closure of the Renton Transfer Station. The amendment was part of the review and update of the County’s Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Management Plan, which was approved by the Committee and sent to the full County Council for final action.

The adopted amendment expands the required report to include impacts of the potential Renton Transfer Station facility closure on self-haul users as well as local residents using the station. The station is anticipated to close in 2018 and Dunn proposed the amendment to ensure their concerns are taken into consideration.

“Self-haul services at the Renton Transfer Station are a very popular service for many in my district, and I fear very few of the users are aware of the possibility it may close in the next few years,” said Dunn. “My amendment will study the closure thoroughly and let us know how we can ensure the needs of self-haul users will be met if this location is ultimately closed.”

There is also a concern the closing of the facility will increase the potential of illegal dumping in unincorporated areas. With the closing of the transfer station, there is the potential that some will decide driving the lengthy distance to other transfer stations is too inconvenient and some will simply abandon their loads in empty lots or vacant areas. In 2006 and 2007, when rates at transfer stations were increased, illegal dumping was a problem in King County.

Closing this transfer station, coupled with halting of recycling services, could result in similar issues due to the inconvenience former self haul users will face. The adopted amendment will look at these issues and plan accordingly for the future based on needs of current users of this facility in an effort to reduce that possibility.

The revised motion, which includes Councilmember Dunn’s adopted amendment, was approved by the Committee of the Whole, and sent to the full County Council for discussion and final action at the Council’s June 9 meeting.

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