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King County Historic Preservation Grant Awarded in District 9


Metropolitan King County
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King County Historic Preservation Grant Awarded in District 9


Historic landmarks to receive important funding


Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn announced today that King County has allocated $95,000 to help preserve historic downtown buildings in the City of Enumclaw.

“Historic downtowns such as Enumclaw’s are timeless treasures for our communities,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn. “This grant money will ensure great landmarks in our communities will endure and be intact for current and future generations to enjoy.”

Historic buildings are fundamental parts of downtown Enumclaw’s character and centerpieces of the downtown revitalization that has occurred in recent years. Repairing, restoring and preserving these historic buildings allows residents and visitors alike to look back at the history and heritage of the City of Enumclaw while at the same time having safe, functional buildings that can be inhabited for years to come.

“We are pleased to partner with King County to preserve and protect our historic downtown,” said Mayor Liz Reynolds. “Downtown Enumclaw is the heart of the historic character and unique identity that we cherish.”

The building selected for the grant award will be selected in consultation with the staff of the King County Historic Preservation Program and the City of Enumclaw.

The Historic Preservation Program was established in 1978 to identify, document, and protect significant historic properties. The program provides an array of services, including, historic resource survey and inventory; landmark designation and regulation services; review of developments that could impact historic resources; archaeological site identification and protection; public information; educational programs, and technical assistance.


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