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Community Commemorates 100-Year Anniversary of Ravensdale Mining Disaster


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Community Commemorates 100-Year Anniversary of Ravensdale Mining Disaster


New Ravensdale History Trail Opens


One hundred years ago today, 31 miners died in mining explosion in the town of Ravensdale, one of the worst accidents in Washington State History. In addition to costing so many lives, the tragedy also led to local economic hardship and the disincorporation of the town.

Ravensdale community members partnered with King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn to hold a Centennial memorial ceremony near the site of the collapsed mine. The ceremony named each of the deceased with the ringing of a bell from Fire Chief Brad Doerflinger of the Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety Department. Descendants of the deceased miners were also present and had the opportunity to be recognized during the proceedings.

“The Ravensdale Mining Disaster is an important piece of Washington State History.” said Dunn. “This memorial is done to honor the miners who were lost in the tragedy and to honor the many in our society who labor in dangerous professions.”

In recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Ravensdale Mining Disaster, local resident Michael Brathovde led the installation of a series of signs detailing the history of the area. Michael and his wife Donna donated over 2,000 hours of their time and talent to capture the history of the area they love and to make it accessible to everyone around them.

“It has been incredibly interesting and exciting to play a key role in researching and documenting Ravensdale's fascinating history, and developing the Ravensdale History Trail and interpretive signs.” said resident Michael Brathovde. “It is our hope that these signs will help build a shared bond within the community, and serve as a legacy for future generations.”

The entrances to the new Ravensdale History Trail are located near the Gracie Hansen Community Center and Ravensdale Park. It is now available to the public.
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