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Unique donation will be used to purchase land


Metropolitan King County
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Unique donation will be used to purchase land


Council accept anonymous donation focused on open space


King County’s “green curtain” received a boost today with the unanimous approval of the Metropolitan King County Council to accept an anonymous donation of $392,000 that can only be used for the purpose of purchasing open space.

“Supporting and preserving our region’s open spaces benefits our communities and natural areas, said Vice Council Chair Reagan Dunn, who represents Council District 9. “I am pleased this generous donation will be used to acquire land around Soos Creek and Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park.”

“This generous donation will serve as an important investment in our county’s green spaces,” said Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer, whose district includes a proposed parcel in Covington. “As King County continues to develop at a rapid pace, open spaces become increasingly valuable to the health and enjoyment of future generations.”

A local family that wishes to stay anonymous contacted the Seattle Foundation trying to find out how they could make a donation towards the purchase of open space in South King County. The Seattle Foundation put the family in contact with Forterra, who worked in collaboration with the County’s Department of Natural Resources and Parks to find potential parcels for purchase.

King County Code allows the County’s Parks and Recreation Division to solicit gifts, but requires that gifts of $50,000 or more must be approved by the Council by motion. The adopted motion authorizes the Executive to accept a donation of $392,000 from Forterra for the purpose of acquiring the properties.

The three properties that will be purchased with this donation have been identified as critical preservation and habitat areas and will add to the County’s network of open spaces and trails. Two of the properties to be purchased will add to existing public lands in the Spring Lake/Lake Desire Park bordering the unincorporated community of Fairwood. The third will add to the open space network along Soos Creek near Covington.
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