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Perfection! King County Council Recognizes Nick Porter for Test Achievement


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Perfection! King County Council Recognizes Nick Porter for Test Achievement


Porter becomes second Charger to have perfect score


This year, out of approximately 302,530 students worldwide who took the AB form Advanced Placement Calculus test, only twelve students achieved a perfect score. Today Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn had the honor of recognizing one of those 12 students, Kentridge High School Senior and Fairwood resident Nick Porter.

“I am awed with the incredible academic dedication and skill that Nick demonstrated in achieving a perfect score,” said Dunn, who represents the area of Fairwood, where Nick lives, on the Council.

“I commend Nick and the staff at Kentridge High School for this outstanding academic achievement,” said Councilmember Dave Upthegrove who represents Kentridge High School on the King County Council. “A perfect score is an extraordinary feat that showcases the hardworking students and educators in King County.”

To earn a perfect score of 108 points, Porter had to answer every single multiple choice correctly in addition to earning the highest possible marks in the each of the exam’s free-response section.

“I would like to thank the King County Council for recognizing me and to all the math teachers I have had, especially to Ms. Hughes who helped me prepare for the AP Calculus Exam,” said Nick Porter.

“I’m very proud of Nick and his accomplishment. I feel very privileged to be a part of the Kentridge community,” said Michelle Hughes, Nick’s calculus teacher.

“We are excited that the King County Council is recognizing Kentridge High School and Nick Porter for his amazing AP Calculus perfect score, and all of Kentridge High School students,” said Kentridge Principal Michael Albrecht.

“We are so proud of Nick and excited that the King County Council is recognizing his accomplished. We’re also very pleased with Kentridge High School and all their awesome teachers,” said Brian and Kathy Porter, Nick’s parents.

In his free time, Nick enjoys playing basketball and baseball. He’s also active in his community—each year Nick participates in his church’s summer work camp mission trip.

Nick Porter is planning on majoring in computer science in college.

Incredibly, this is the second time that Dunn and the Council have had the opportunity to recognize a Kentridge student for a perfect score on this test. Two years ago, Tracy Tran was recognized for being just one of eight students worldwide to achieve this feat!

“It is a testament to hard work of Kentridge educators who are clearly doing a great job,” Dunn said. “Any school that can boast of two students achieving perfect scores on the AP Calculus test should be applauded.”


WHEREAS, Nick Porter, a resident of unincorporated King County and a senior at Kentridge High School, part of the Kent School District, accomplished an incredible feat of academic significance by getting a perfect score on the Advanced Placement Calculus Exam; and

WHEREAS, this year, Nick was one of 12 students worldwide, out of approximately 302,530 students who took the test, to earn all 108 points possible on the Calculus AB Exam by answering every single multiple choice correctly and scoring the highest possible marks in the each of the exam’s free-response sections; and

WHEREAS, Nick is the second student from Kentridge High School to accomplish this challenging and statistically rare feat, the previous student being Tracy Tran in 2014; and

WHEREAS, Nick enjoys playing recreational basketball and baseball, attends church, and is active in his youth group, which includes fundraising for and participating in summer work camp mission trips each year; and

WHEREAS, Nick has plans to major in computer science in college, either at the University of Washington, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or the California Institute of Technology;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Metropolitan King County Council, recognize and salute


for his hard work and outstanding display of academic discipline and skill and hope that he will continue to use his dedication and talents in fulfilling and meaningful ways.

DATED this fourteenth day of March, 2016.


Nick Porter is joined by members of the County Council,
his parents Brian and Kathy (right of Nick), Kentridge High School calculus teacher
Michelle Hughes and Kentridge Principal Michael Albrecht (left of Nick).
Nick is one of 12 students in the world this year to achieve a perfect score
on the AB form Advanced Placement Calculus test.

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