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Fairwood Library receive new ballot drop off location for upcoming election


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Fairwood Library receive new ballot drop off location for upcoming election


Part of County Council’s plan to increase access to voters


Today the King County Council voted to approve 43 new ballot drop box locations including the Fairwood Library in the Fairwood neighborhood in unincorporated King County. The legislation, designed to increase voting access throughout King County, was cosponsored by Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn.

“These additional secure ballot drop boxes means voters have greater opportunities to express their voice and participate in the democratic process,” said Dunn, who represents the community of Fairwood on the County Council.

Partnering with the King County Department of Elections, the Council reviewed options to increase access to voters unable to mail their ballots since the transition to all-mail voting. The Council requested the Director of Elections to plan and prepare an increased number of drop boxes available to voters in all nine Council Districts.

“I’m excited to be moving forward with expanding access and services to make it easier for the voters of King County to exercise their right to vote,” said Julie Wise Director of King County Elections. ”I’m grateful for the County Council’s support and partnership in expanding access to democracy.”

Over 100 sites were considered, with suggestions from local jurisdictions, community partners, the voting public, the King County Council and the King County Executive’s Office. One of the accepted locations includes the Fairwood Library.

33 drop boxes will be installed at new drop box sites and 7 drop boxes will replace and extend the useful life of 3 existing drop boxes at current drop box locations. 24 of the drop boxes will be installed at public libraries and 3 are focused on providing access for geographically isolated communities on Vashon Island, SE King County and East King County.

19 new drop box locations will be available for the August 2016 Primary Election, with 14 new drop box locations in place for the November 2016 General Election.

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