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Maple Valley Parks and Programs to benefit from Adopted County Budget


Metropolitan King County
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Maple Valley Parks and Programs to benefit from Adopted County Budget


Dunn announces $240,000 for programs throughout the city


Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn said the adopted 2017-2018 King County Budget will provide recreational opportunities for the residents of Maple Valley while ensuring they will still have vital services provided by the King County Sheriff.

$30,000 in the budget will go toward maintaining the Sheriff’s Air and Support and Marine Rescue units. In addition, the budget will provide $240,000 in funding for program promoting recreational and park activities

“Since the Sheriff’s Office serves as the first responders for more than 70,000 unincorporated residents living in District 9 and supports law enforcement in Maple Valley, Covington, and Newcastle, I felt that maintaining funding for this life saving service was a top priority,” said Dunn. “We as a Council had a lot of tough decisions to make during this budget process. I’m thankful the Air Support and Marine Rescue Units will be maintained and grateful to have had the opportunity to advocate for funds that will support good causes throughout southeast King County.”

The City of Maple Valley contracts with the King County Sheriff’s office to provide first response services to local residents. When budget constraints threatened the Sheriff’s Office Air and Marine Rescue Units, Councilmember Dunn and his colleagues on the King County Council worked to find a solution. Thanks to the Council, the 2017-2018 Budget will maintain the King County Sheriff’s Air and Marine Rescue Units.

“The Air Support and Marine Units save lives, plain and simple,” said Sheriff John Urquhart. “I am very relieved and pleased the Council fought to fully fund these units. Their work is far too important.”

A total of $240,000 in the 2017-2018 Budget went towards local parks, community culture, and programs supporting active lifestyles for seniors and youth. The city’s Summit Park will receive $150,000 for ball fields and park recreation.

“The City of Maple Valley appreciates the efforts of King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn with the additional funding for Summit Park and our city's parks and recreation department in the King County budget” said Mayor Sean Kelly. ”Our parks play a vital role in our community’s well-being.”

Other programs receiving funds included the Maple Valley Soccer Association, Greater Maple Valley Community Center Senior Programs, Maple Valley Pony Baseball, City of Maple Valley Parks and Recreation, Maple Valley Veteran's Memorial, and Maple Valley Historical Society.

“The Greater Maple Valley Community Center has recently been experiencing a significant decrease in funding for senior programs. Reducing services to seniors risks the increased likelihood of homelessness for this vulnerable population,” said Mark Pursley, Executive Director of the Greater Maple Valley Community Center. “The funding advocated for by Councilmember Dunn from the King County Budget will go to sustaining these vital programs for our seniors.”

"The Greater Maple Valley Veterans Memorial Foundation (GMVVMF) is a 501c3 organization, formed by a group of private citizens seeking to construct a world-class veterans memorial within the city limits of Maple Valley, WA,” said Storm F. McNeil, Vice President of GMVVMF. “Once completed the foundation will then become caretaker of the memorial and an outreach platform for displaced and disadvantaged veterans of America's armed forces."

The City of Black Diamond also received funds from the King County Budget for area projects. $15,000 was set aside for the City’s Ginder Creek Park Trailhead Project while $7,500 will go to the Black Diamond Historical Society and City of Black Diamond’s Parks and Recreation Department.

“$20,000 has been cut from our funding from United Way that goes to our senior programs. From the Black Diamond Community Center we thank Councilmember Dunn for helping to restore the funding that has been lost.” Cheryl Hanson Black Diamond Community Center Executive Director.
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