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Fairwood community projects to receive county grants


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Fairwood community projects to receive county grants


“We are pleased to partner with King County and accept this as an encouragement to continue developing strong communities.”


Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn announced today that five community projects in the Unincorporated Fairwood neighborhood will receive a financial boost from King County’s Community Service Area (CSA) program. The grants are designed to support programs that allow unincorporated county residents to become more connected in their communities.

“I was glad to have worked with my colleagues on the council to increase this year’s grant funds by 50 percent in order to better support unincorporated communities,” Dunn said. “These grants help to create more active and vibrant communities.”

Five projects in Fairwood will receive a total of $9,750 to support their efforts:

• The Parks’ Homeowners Association will receive $1,600 to repair a playground structure.

“The Parks’ Homeowners Association would like to thank the King County CSA Program and Councilmember Dunn for this grant award,” said Michelle Faltaous, President of the Parks’ Homeowners Association. “We’re so excited that this award will support our work to create a safe place for children of all ages to come together and participate in outdoor play. We hope our play area will help to foster the building of relationships for children as well as their parents.”

• The Fairwood Greens Homeowners Association received a grant for $2,000 to host a Neighborhood Day, called the LAST SPLASH.

“The LAST SPLASH is an annual family fun event hosted by Fairwood Greens HOA serving the 1,500 households in the HOA plus surrounding Fairwood neighborhoods located in unincorporated King County,” said Fairwood Greens Homeowners Association President Jim Canterbury. “The grant provided by King County to our Fairwood Greens HOA will go far to provide a wonderful day of family fun for Fairwood Greens and nearby communities. We are pleased to partner with King County and accept this as an encouragement to continue developing strong communities.”

• The Woodside Homeowners Association received a $2,000 CSA grant, which they will use to put on their third Fairwood “National Night Out” community gathering.

“We are delighted to receive funding to assist in hosting a National Night Out event in Fairwood this August” said Amanda Heins, Woodside Homeowners Association. “This event will bring together residents of Woodside neighborhood and the Fairwood area for a fun evening with food and entertainment, giving them an opportunity to engage with their local law enforcement and fire department representatives, and promoting safety awareness for our community as a whole.”

• The Boulevard Lane Community Association received a $1,000 grant for community events, including their National Night Out and community safety training.

“On behalf of the Boulevard Lane Community Association I’d like to say how grateful we are to be receiving a CSA Grant. We are looking forward to using the funds to improve our outreach to the local community,” said Greta Nelson, President of the Boulevard Lane Community Association. “I look forward to what is to come in 2017 for our neighborhood.”

• The Lake Desire Community Club also received two grants, totaling $3,150, for the remodel of the exterior of their club house and their National Night Out event.

“The Lake Desire Community Club is grateful to King County for their generous contribution to assist in funding an update to the exterior of our community center. We host many community-building events and public meetings that reach residents in nearby neighborhoods in and around our area of King County,” said Heather Stafford, Vice President of the Lake Desire Community Club. “We plan to increase parking lot lighting, repaint the exterior, update the front stairs and create a shade garden at the front. This grant will enable us to continue serving the community as a meeting place for Noxious Weed Abatement (in conjunction with King County), Boy and Girl Scout meetings, as well as holiday events, annual Plant and Seed Swaps and a Summer Barbecue for the neighborhood.”

There are more than 72,000 residents of Council District 9 living in unincorporated communities. Grants are available through a competitive application process. The grants must be used to fund community projects that offer unincorporated area residents an opportunity to participate and be more connected in their communities. A total of $90,000 was awarded for projects in 2017.

If you live in an unincorporated community and are interested in learning more about the CSA program and how to apply for future grant opportunities please contact Councilmember Dunn’s office at or visit for more information.
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