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“Enumclaw Fire Department” sent to County Council


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“Enumclaw Fire Department” sent to County Council


Legislation would rename district to reflect the community


Legislation sponsored by Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn and Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer to rename King County Fire District #28 has been sent to the County Council for final action. If the legislation passes the fire district would be called the Enumclaw Fire Department.

In an emergency, it’s important for residents to know who is coming to their aid. To avoid confusion and reflect the community it serves today’s legislation— sent to the Council with a “Do Pass” recommendation by the Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee—calls for the department to change names to better reflect the community it serves.

“Enumclaw is more than just the City of Enumclaw,” said Dunn, who represents Enumclaw on the County Council. “Residents on the Enumclaw Plateau as well as the City of Enumclaw say they’re from Enumclaw. This name change not only has practical value in reducing confusion but also better suits the community’s identity.”

“I am proud to support the name change of King County Fire Protection District #28 to Enumclaw Fire Department,” said von Reichbauer. “As a district which provides fire protection services and emergency aid for the City of Enumclaw and 80 square miles of unincorporated King County surrounding the city, the name of the district now more accurately reflects the area it protects.”

In 1903, the Enumclaw Fire Department was founded after a large fire destroyed a number of homes and businesses in the community. In 2011, the Enumclaw Fire Department was annexed into King County Fire District #28 and lost the name Enumclaw Fire Department.

Each Fire District is usually titled with a number, but Fire District Commissioners may work with the King County Council to have their titles officially changed. Fire District #28 serves as the first response for residents of Enumclaw as well as 80 square miles of unincorporated King County surrounding the city.

“A large percentage of voters in and around Enumclaw think of Fire District #28 as the Enumclaw Fire Department,” said Stan McCall, Chair of King County Fire District #28 Commission. “This name change is important in order to avoid confusion and to get back to our roots as a community.”
“In an emergency there shouldn’t be any confusion about who to call for help,” said King County Fire District #28 Chief Randy Fehr. “Changing our name from King County Fire District #28 to the Enumclaw Fire Department will hopefully help people who identify as being from Enumclaw to know we’re their local fire district.”

There are 165 fire departments that serve the 33 Fire Districts throughout King County. The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) allows for the name of a fire protection district to be changed after certain steps are taken. The board of fire commissioners of the district proposes the name change and it is approved by the legislative authority of the county.

The ordinance has been sent to the County Council for final action later this month.
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