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Dunn introduces legislation to preserve existing wetland


Metropolitan King County
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Dunn introduces legislation to preserve existing wetland


Cemetery Pond part of stewardship plan


Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn is working to preserve open space adjacent to Cemetery Pond in the unincorporated area of the East Renton Highlands. Today he introduced a motion to make protecting the wetland a priority for the Conversation Futures Citizen Oversight Committee to consider conservation of properties surrounding the pond.

“Preserving open space allows citizens to enjoy the natural resources of our communities and protects habitat for wildlife.” said Dunn.

Cemetery pond flows into the May Valley basin, a stormwater flow-control facility located at the outlet of an existing wetland. It provides stormwater detention for nearby residential and community development.

The preservation of the wetland is part of comprehensive stewardship program with King County and residents within the Four Creeks community. The goal is to improve habitat, remove invasive species from the wetland and buffer, provide maintenance and weeding of native plants and monitor water levels and flows within the parcel.

The CFT Citizen’s Oversight Committee will receive this legislation, along with similar legislation passed for the Molasses Creek area in the unincorporated community of Fairwood last week, for their spring 2018 review process. The committee will then present their recommendations for open space funding to the King County Council and Executive next summer as a part of the 2019-2020 biennial budget.

Preserving open spaces in King County is funded by the Conservation Futures Fund which is supported by a countywide property tax. The CFT tax can only be used to purchase open spaces or resource land per state law. While counties and cities are usually the main applications for these funds, citizen groups and individuals can also apply for CFT funding through partnering with local jurisdictions.

The motion was sent to the Council’s Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee for discussion and possible action.
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