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Bella, Max head the list of Enumclaw’s Top Pet Names


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Bella, Max head the list of Enumclaw’s Top Pet Names


This year, Enumclaw residents have registered 1,248 dogs and 400 cats!


In honor of the holiday season – when many families will add an adorable animal family member – Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn and Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) have released their annual list of the top names for dogs and cats in Enumclaw for 2018.

“Our furry friends are as much a part of our families as we are,” said Dunn. “This year I encourage everyone with a pet to make sure you license them – it protects them and helps keep our animal shelters running.”

“Pet licensing helps return lost pets to owners more quickly, and just as importantly, it provides shelter pets with the resources needed to give them a deserving second chance,” said Tim Anderson, RASKC Acting Manager. “Last year we celebrated a remarkable pet-save rate of 92 percent and had a banner year for pet adoptions! When pets are registered, it’s easier to protect them.”

This year, Enumclaw residents have registered 1,248 dogs and 400 cats! Despite the rivalry between cat-lovers and dog-lovers, Enumclaw pet owners found some common ground this year with three of the top ten names appearing on both lists. Here are the names that clawed their way to the top.

This list comes from pet license applications submitted to RASKC, which serves nearly one million residents living in 24 cities and unincorporated communities throughout King County.

“As a lifelong pet owner I know the importance of licensing your pet both for the well-being of your pet as well as for community responsibility,” said Enumclaw Mayor Jan Molinaro. “I wish to thank the Regional Animal Services of King County and Councilmember Reagan Dunn for bringing this important issue to all of our attention. If residents in Enumclaw and surrounding South King County have not yet licensed your pet, now is a great time to obtain that license.”

“Licensing your pet is good for them and your family, but it’s about more than that,” said Dunn. “You’re also doing your part so Regional Animal Services of King County can help thousands of other animals get well and find new homes. It’s important, humane work.”

If a licensed pet is lost, the finder can call the phone number on the pet’s tag – a service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to quickly reunite them with their owner. Pets receive a free ride home the first time they’re found, allowing owners to skip a trip to the shelter. Pet licenses also help fund RASKC and the important work it does.

In addition to handling lost pets and injured animals, pet license fees contribute to RASKC’s other vital duties, including animal neglect and cruelty investigations, spay/neuter programs, pet adoption services, and other work to humanely and compassionately assist local animals.

You can purchase pet licenses online, or at more than 70 convenient locations around the county, including many city halls and QFC stores. Learn more at Regional Animal Service of King County’s website,

For more information, please contact LLuvia Ellison-Morales with Regional Animal Services of King County at
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