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Retired county van to go “on patrol” with Covington Police Department


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Retired county van to go “on patrol” with Covington Police Department


Dunn provides vanpool van for transporting youth and seniors


After a career with King County, a recently “retired” County employee is joining the Covington Police Department to start a new career of transporting seniors and young people. A surplus Metro Vanpool van joined the force today with Metropolitan King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn presenting the keys of the vehicle to Covington Police Chief Andrew McCurdy.

“It is my honor to present this van to the Covington Police Department,” Dunn said. “These vehicles are a tremendous resource, providing transportation for the many activities in the communities they ‘retire’ to.”

The van will assist the department with transportation for a number of tasks. It will carry senior volunteers who conduct patrols throughout the city to provide education, transportation, and support related to disabled/senior access and safety. The department will also provide young people transportation to activities.


(l-r) Covington police Chief Andrew McCurdy,
Covington Mayor Jeff Wagner, Councilmember  Dunn 


“I’m excited for the opportunities this van brings to the Covington Police Department’s volunteer program. With this van, our senior police volunteers will be able to stay involved in the community and the Police Department will also be able to transport students for the after-school exercise program Badges and Barbells,” said Covington Mayor Jeff Wagner. “Thank you to Councilmember Dunn and the King County Metro Vanpool program for this gift!”

The vanpool program consists of donating Metro vans that have reached the end of their county service life to local governments and community programs to provide transportation assistance for low-income, elderly or young people or people with disabilities.

The vanpool program provides mobility for a diverse array of King County residents, supports the positive work of various local organizations, and relieves traffic congestion by reducing the need for single-occupancy vehicles.

Interested organizations can contact Councilmember Dunn at 206-477-1009 or for more information on applying for a vehicle.

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