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Council Approves Dunn’s Program to Engage Community in Region’s COVID-19 Response


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Council Approves Dunn’s Program to Engage Community in Region’s COVID-19 Response


The King County Council on Tuesday approved a program brought forward by Councilmember Reagan Dunn to help connect volunteers and resources with those who need them during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


King County residents who have been looking for ways to help with the COVID-19 response will soon get some guidance, thanks to a program sponsored by Vice Chair Reagan Dunn that was approved Tuesday by the King County Council.

 “In this time of crisis, the spirit of generosity in our region has really shone through,” Dunn said. “So many people have been asking how they can support their community in the wake of COVID-19 — and that desire to step-up and volunteer is what inspired me to create a one-stop shop to connect those who want to help with those who need it.

Project C.A.R.E. for COVID-19 ACTION and RESPONSE ENLISTMENT, will establish a comprehensive website listing opportunities for people to give back to their community, and helping connect would-be volunteers with the organizations where their help is most needed.

“Anne Frank wrote in her diary while in hiding during WWII ‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,’” said Councilmember Rod Dembowski. “This initiative will help efficiently connect our residents with opportunities to improve our world during these trying times. With each of us doing what we can, we will make it through this challenge, and in time, I believe emerge stronger and closer as a county, state and nation.” 

The legislation asks the King County Council, in consultation with the County Executive, to identify volunteer needs and other opportunities within King County for the public to participate in the COVID-19 response. It includes required reports on how this program could be best established, due back in three weeks. The Council’s report will include information on the various ways in which people can help their community during this challenging time.  

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